Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breaking News: Marco Berti pulls out

Marco Berti has pulled out of the Athens AIDA due to illness.

This sure rings a bell: Berti had withdrawn from his Met Aidas back in 2007 and then Franco Farina had come to the rescue.

This time God might have showed his pity:

Avgust Amonov will take over Radamés
(James Fox Artist Management, to the rescue...)

Avgust who?

We first heard Avgust Amonov in Athens, in January 2008, when he sang the Masterbuilder in the revival of Kalomiris' opera and we were not very impressed (read the review here).

Neither were other reviewers: MusicWeb wrote back then"Russian tenor Avgust Amonov as the Masterbuilder was perhaps the poorest of the cast, with no color to his voice and a total lack of high notes, not mention his failure to do anything faintly resembling acting.

But there are a lot of youtubes online proving me/us wrong...or not?

Amonov in Don Carlo

Amonov as Don Alvaro

Amonov singing Celeste Aida (in rehearsal?)

ps. Dimitri Tiliakos has also pulled out of Amonasro.
Dimitris Platanias is in.

1 comment:

arisargiris said...

Sorry, my dear Parsifal, but what is this?
Russian - Italian???
In the Celeste Aida the si bemol at the end was LOOOOOWWW!!!!
And the rest is not good....
Pity ....
After Giacomini in 1993 we cannot really bring someone in Athens of the same level...(almost impossibile!!!!), or at least close to that!
Many greetings!