Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eva Mendes to play Maria Callas

Gaumont and Wechsler have attached Eva Mendes to play Maria Callas in "Greek Fire," a script by Julian Fellowes about the volatile love affair between the opera singer and Aristotle Onassis.

(oh my...not again!)


derwanderer said...

The script must come from Nicholas Gage's "Greek Fire", a totally TRASHY and GROSSLY INACCURATE book on MC and mr O. That the author knows and respects nothing of Callas' art is evident throughout, but it is non art he is interested in. His ambition was to concoct the ultimate, "under the belt", or better said, "in the panties" biography of Maria during her Onassis period.
The "find" in this docu-fiction is the (secret) "birth" of a child (in a private "abortion" clinic), who died (convinently) hours after it's birth and was (anonymously) buried in Milan.
This dispeakable trash (and undocumented by any serious evidence), shamelessly exposed in a horrible book, will make, certainly, a "good" melodrama.
I shiver!

fairy anonumous said...

Fully correct!! In any case the absolute majority of people know MC because of the famous "affair" with AO, and some of them just heard the casta diva aria, may be in some TV advert...

So the most "crunchy" is the book better is.

But I do not understand what more could they say... everything was said about this love story....