Friday, May 15, 2009

Juan Diego Flórez in Athens!!! ***updated***

Juan Diego Flórez will sing a unique recital in Athens on July the 20th.

And you read it here FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY.

...we have been hearing the rumours for quite a long time but only today has it been officially confirmed.

...more to come soon...


When: July the 20th

Where: at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus

(With Alessandro Vitiello conducting)


Hariclea said...

Wow... lucky youuuuu!!! and so soon after the Barbiere... that will be an overdose of Juandi :-)

Moments d'Òpera said...

For me Florez is the best one! Enjoy him!

teresa said...

Enhorabuena, desde que Grecia tiene un blog de referencia en el mundo de la ópera llevado por uno de los mayores expertos mundiales en el tema (je, je) los cantantes famosos solo hacen que decir a sus representantes: por favor, por favor, yo también quiero cantar en Atenas, quiero conocer a Parsi!

Anonymous said...

ki i thessaloniki tha ton timisei.
perimenoume na mas peis pote einai i propolisi!!!

Anonymous said...

Great News!

Parsifal said...


Estás locaaaaaa...

Great news indeed!!!