Thursday, May 21, 2009

Larry Brownlee here to stay

The audience and critics are raving after Lawrence Brownlee's last appearance at the Met as Don Ramiro in La Cenerentola next to hawt Elina.

As Don Ramiro, the Prince Charming of the tale, the young American tenor Lawrence Brownlee was outstanding, with a sweet sound, impressive agility, ringing high notes and a smile that resonated to the core of his interpretation. Mr. Brownlee’s performance of the prince’s big aria, “Si, Ritrovarla Io Giuro,” drew the evening’s most rousing applause.

In an interview by Zinta Lundborg published yesterday @ Bloomberg, Larry states among others:

“Some of my biggest discouragers in this profession were black people”

“Nobody wants to see a black man kissing a white woman onstage”

“Some people may connect what I did onstage with opening their minds or changing their views of African-American people.”


“We’re actually the same age, but he made his debut eight years before I did,” Brownlee says. “I’m not competitive with him, and I don’t ever want to be that looming-in-the-background, threatening person in the second cast.”

Listen to Larry Brownlee singing a superb "Si, ritrovarla io giuro"


Anonymous said...

Well, he took people's hearts, didn't he? I mean he was very good and worthy of all that enthousiasm. The cute white puppy in his black arms matches really fine... He is going to kiss many more white primadonnas everywhere in the world.
Black gold indeed!


Willym said...

I saw him when he was still very young - Brownlee that is - at Glimmerglass in Italiana. Even then he was a graceful performer who was on his way to better things. I'll be in Trieste when he does Lindoro again and I'm hoping I can get to see it.

Dandini said...

Superb agility,gorgeous baritenore tone and Pavarotti like sound at the top!

Donna Anna said...

He was in Cincinnati five years ago for Fille du Regiment and he stole the show. Ah! Mes amis! brought down the house with all nine of those high Cs spot on. He sang beautifully and was a fine comic actor. I'm delighted to see him getting the roles and the recognition for which he's worked so hard. Bravo!!