Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Placi: 40 years at the Arena di Verona

«L’Arena è per me un luogo particolare, mi è rimasta nel cuore e da quella sera ogni volta mi emoziona»


With Nancy Fabiola Herrera as Carmen

With Teresa Romano as Desdemona

As Cyrano

Plácido Domingo first appeared at the Arena di Verona in 1969, as Calaf next to Birgit Nilsson´s Turandot.

La Cucinotta arrives at the Arena di Verona

An interview about the 40 years at the Arena

Curtain calls

The divine Birgit Nilsson and Placido, talking about their first Turandot at the Arena

Otello, Verona 24 July

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Maria said...

His voice in the interview is as juvenile as a 20-year-old man's! No signs of senility at all! That is why he is still active and successful in the singing business.