Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exit, pursued by a bear

And it was quite a bear...

Sam Mendes' Bridge Project arrived at the Epidaurus Ancient Theatre after a triumphant tour in theatres from Singapore and New Zealand to Spain, Germany and London, bringing Shakespeare and his Winter's Tale for the first time in the sacred theatre.

15,000 people and among them Jeremy Irons (who received a tremendous applause at his entrance-his wife Sinead Cusack was playing Paulina) and Kevin Spacey who even waived to the public when receiving his -well deserved- applause, enjoyed 3 hours of pure magic.

Excellent interpretations especially by Simon Russell Beale, Rebecca Hall, Sinead Cusack (loved her), Ethan Hawke (the major ticket-selling attraction of the performance who received thousands non-stop flashes when he stepped on stage), Paul Jesson, Tobias Segal (loved him too) etc.

*Peak of the night*

Rebecca Hall, breathtaking in her trial monologue

*Lows of the night*

The audience's giggling at certain points where,
well, there wasn't supposed to be any.

Jeremy Irons heading to his seat, the girls go wild,
so do the flashes and my usually steady hand does not obey

Kevin Spacey waving after being received with cheers by the crowd

Curtain calls

A video of the final curtain call and Sam Mendes taking a bow

Full cast and details here


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