Friday, September 4, 2009

Ask Anna

You wanna know Anna Netrebko's favourite russian writers?
Favourite ice-cream flavour?
or what cosmetics and hair-products does she use?

Just visit
and place your question.

Anna will revert with a video on her official video-blog and you might even get the chance to see little Tiago declaring his love for ice-cream or his lila teddy-bear!

Anna and Tiago

Anna and literature

Anna and cosmetics


Anonymous said...

Big questions, serious answers! Oh Parsi, if we hadn't known all this about Anna we would be very unhappy and we wouldn't be able to go to sleep! Now that we know everything that is really important concerning this soprano we can relax and yawn.
Mille grazie!

Parsifal said...

I already placed mine, hope she replies

"Anna, I'm about to book a plane-ticket to Salzburg for August 2010, are you planning to be sick? pregnant? bored? not in a mood?"

Anonymous said...

Anna, I love your acting and singing and I would love to see you singing Salome....What do you think? Will you ever do it?