Friday, September 4, 2009

Renée of the Jungle

Bill Eddins, conductor, pianist and really good cook, writes all about the Renée Fleming recitals in South Africa and shares with us his amazing experience -and photos like the one above.

"Renée was so enthused by the Zulu dancing that she gave a little impromptu performance. This is where things went awry. One of the Zulu warriors was so taken by her singing that he insisted that she become his 3rd wife! There was a to-do, and because Raymond was in the loo I found myself having to defend Renée’s honor, so I leapt to her defense and fought the great Zulu warrior. The battle was fierce and I took a wound to the top of my head, but in the end I defeated him and he relinquished his claim to her."

Totally recommended.

Photo by Bill Eddins

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