Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anna Caterina + Gregory reunited

The two leads of Alceste, Anna Caterina Antonacci and Gregory Kunde arrived in Athens on Thursday and headed straight to the press conference where they made some pretty interesting points on Gluck's music and his heroine.

The two of them had primarily worked together in Athens, in a production of "L' Incoronazione di Poppea", met again in Paris for Les Troyens (available on DVD) and now they reunite, just for two nights, to sing the (not so) fatal couple of Alceste and Admète.

Gregory Kunde, says "LIVE STRONG" via his wristband

Les chaussures de la Diva

Bellissima Antonacci

During the press conference

Alceste will go on the stage of the Athens Megaron
on the 19th and 22nd of October
- in concert version,
with Anna Caterina Antonacci in the title role,
Gregory Kunde as Adméte,
Dimitris Tiliakos as Hercule,
Dimitris Platanias as the High Priest,
Vassilis Kavayas as Evandre

accompanied by the Orchestra of Patras

under the baton of renowned maestro George Petrou.

Listen to La Antonacci in "Divinités du Styx"

(Madrid 2005)


Willym said...

I am so excited after the Medea last year to be seeing her again. And even more thrilled that I will be seeing it in the company of our own Parsi!

Parsifal said...

I m even more thrilled for the hot-dog we 'll be having afterwards :)

Willym said...

you are taking me to a Athenian hot dog stand? the adventure never ends!

Parsifal said...

It's not just any athenian hot-dog stand! It's a highly operatic hot-dog stand! I can remember myself having hot-dogs there with Peter Katona, Angela Marambio, etc etc