Sunday, October 18, 2009

Elīna Garanča: the latvian sensation in Athens

(exclusively at parsifal's)
Just before hitting NY for the run of
Les Contes d ' Hoffmann (?),
(Elina has withdrawn Nicklausse
due to the upcoming Carmen at the MET)
Elīna Garanča will take a short break
and visit Athens for a recital at the Athens Megaron
on November the 18th.

Maestro Ion Marin and the ERT Symphony Orchestra
will accompany the mezzo extraordinaire
in a program(me) consisting
of fascinating arias
of the mezzo repertoire.

Tickets out in a few days.
Be there or be square.


Elīna has been awarded the

Echo Klassik Award for Best Female Singer of the Year 2009

for her thrilling "Bel Canto" CD.

Way to go!


Karin said...

Hi Parsifal's, how exclusive is this news as it's not on the Megaron website? I'd love to know how to get tickets there.

Anonymous said...

Elīna isn't in Hoffmann anymore because she's doing Carmen, and the rehearsals would run over eachotger. Imagine rehearsing all day and singing Nicklausse all
night. Kate Lindsey is Nicklausse.

Kenderina said...

She left out the Hoffman's when she was appointed to sing Carmen, but I think she will be in NY anyway for the rehearsals because Carmen is a new production.

Parsifal said...

Gosh! It seems that she has cancelled everything for that Carmen! I was supposed to watch her (last?) Cenerentola in Paris (end of January) but she also cancelled that and now la Genaux is singing Angelina.

Karin, it's official. The Megaron Website is very slow... it will appear eventually :)

I will also upload the poster of the recital, as soon as I get official permission.

Parsifal said...

ps. I will let you know when tickets are out and how to get them

Willym said...

As I reported at the time I found her Carmen here at Caracalla in July disappointing both vocally and dramatically. I was expecting great things based on reports of her Romeo in London and other roles elsewhere. But I honestly felt there was no sexuality or passion either dramatically or voccally.

Karin said...

Thanx Parsifal for your fast reply. I also have tickets for Cenerentola, but wasn't aware that she had cancelled. (When did this happen?!) Do you have any idea what program she'll be singing in Athens? Too bad we're only getting Carmen this season, and her website isn't up to date either!!! You can gather I'm really about this news. Sorry!

Parsifal said...

Yeap, Angelina cancelled. A few days ago, I first read it at Mei's (GTL Torn T)and at the beginning I was p...d off as well, however I ve never heard Genaux live and she's more Angelina than Elina -I think.

Never mind! We (and she) will be in Athens.

The full program, in a few days :)

mahler76 said...

oh my God!!! thank you thank you for the news. If only she had an orchestra to accompany her...

Anonymous said...

the strange thing with elina is that her appearance is very soprano-like but she sings mezzo. does anyone else have this feeling about her?

Anonymous said...

I will go to the concert in Megaron for sure! And I will try to have there most of my latvian and greek friends who live here :)