Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Floyd + The Teatro alla Scala Ballet in Athens

It all started at the end of the 60's when Roland Petit was urged by his daughter to listen to a Pink Floyd LP. Petit loved the music and flew to London in order to dine with the band and propose them the creation of a Ballet. The group was so thrilled that they even suggested to play live. The Floyd performed a handful of concerts accompanying the Roland Petit Ballet (Marseille, 22-26 November 1972, 13-14 January and 3-4 February 1973 and 15– 28 January 1973).

Roland Petit on how it started

The 1972 debut in Marseille famously united academic dance with live music by Pink Floyd. This true rock ballet could only have been imagined by Roland Petit’s open mind, which translated the energy of the music in a kaleidoscopic flooding of light and laser effects. Over time the four initial movements have developed and in its more elaborate structure the ballet has been performed the world over.

The Ballet consists of 18 sections using 12 pieces from the albums "The Wall," "The Dark Side of the Moon," "Meddle," "Relics", "Obscured by Clouds," and "Is Anybody Out There?"

Last seen at La Scala in June/July 2009, the Pink Floyd Ballet, featured no others than étoiles Svetlana Zakharova and Massimo Murru. The athenian reprise will take place at the Athens Megaron for just 4 performances between 12 and 15 April 2010.
Very few tickets left
(if any).

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