Friday, November 9, 2007

The courtesan is back!

Actually there are 2 courtesans. Creamy Renée with her diva allure and the sola-perduta-abbandonata Ruth-Ann.

"Star sopranos Renée Fleming and Ruth Ann Swenson return with their highly acclaimed interpretations of Verdi’s most engaging heroine, in Zeffirelli’s opulent production. Lyric tenors Jonas Kaufmann and Matthew Polenzani share the role of Alfredo, the conflicted lover of the title’s “fallen woman.” An irresistible score and deeply human characters ensure the timeless impact of this romantic favorite."

This is what one can read at the MET's site. Ruth Ann is now a "star soprano" even if a few months ago she wasn't considered as such by the Met.

I haven't heard Ruth Ann yet (March 6 2008) but i did listen to Renée. Jolly good show! Read the online reviews
and listen to Renée singing Sempre Libera on the 7th of November.

Unfortunately Parsifal's protegé, Jonas Kaufmann will not coincide with Renée, but only with Ruth Ann. Kaufmann's premiere: March the 12th! (you re gonna have to wait even longer than for the new season of "LOST")

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