Sunday, September 21, 2008

En Attendant la Renée

Ms. Frittoli, a soprano with a native’s feeling for Italianate vocal style, gave an affecting and palpably involved performance. Soaring over the orchestra and chorus during fervent passages, she may have pushed her voice too much — she faltered in a few high pianissimo phrases toward the end of the sublime “Libera me,” which concludes the piece — but it hardly mattered for all the poignant intensity of her singing.

Barbara Frittoli, Libera Me Domine, NY, 18 September 2008


Anonymous said...

It was also the come-back of Maestro James Levine, after recovering from a Kidney surgery. A cyst was found to be cancerous.

Many said that he gave a thrilling performance (as he always does I guess).

Let's wish to maestro that everything will be OK.

Parsifal said...

Indeed Neco. Thanks for reminding. The complete Requiem will be @ your inbox in a sec.